Birthday Parties

To book at birthday party at Acrosmith Gymnastics, please email 

This email is the quickest way to get in touch with our birthday party coordinator.

Total Cost $180 for up to 15 participants, with $90 deposit due at time of registration.  If you would like more than 15 participants, please let the birthday party coordinator know. There is a $5 charge for each additional participant.  

Each party recieves 1.5 hours of gym time and 0.5 hours of lobby time for snacks and gifts if provided by the host.

Each child will need to have a guardian sign a waiver upon entrance to the party before the child can participate. 

After registration, the office will contact the guardian of the birthday child for some additional information.

In the email to book the party, please include the desired date/dates, the time you would like to have the party, and if you have a specific instructor you would like to work during the party.