Fall 2020 Schedule

We have loaded classes in our Customer Portal for our Fall 2020 schedule.  You do not need an account to view the classes, click here to jump to the schedule page.

We have an annual Registration Fee of $30.  For our 50 minute classes, tuition is $65 for a four week period.  For our Advanced class of 90 minutes, the tuition is $85 for a four week period.  Classes start the week beginning August 17, and finish the week ending December 18.

We are continuing to limit spectators to just one adult per child, and we request that all spectators wear a face mask.


Summer 2020 Schedule

We are offering limited classes in June.  Preschool on Mondays at noon, 6-8 Year Old on Mondays at 1:00 pm.  Both classes will last 50 minutes. 

Go to our Customer Portal by clicking  https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/acrosmith/dashboard

Create an account for your family and children.  As you are registering, you will need to authenticate your e-mail address.  

Select classes to register.  



Each week is its own class, so there is no long term commitment over the summer months.  But this also means you must register for each week’s class; there is no automatic roll over from one week to the next.  The cost is $15 per class.  For the summer months, we are not offering our sibling discount.  Students that paid for classes during the shutdown can use those payments as credits.

A one time Registration Fee of $10 is due for each new student for the summer classes, regardless of the number of classes enrolled.  If students continue in the Fall, our annual Registration fee is $30 per student.





Preschool Class

Your child will love our Preschool classes designed just for 3-5 year olds. You will see your child develop coordination while growing in physical and social skills as they learn to follow a circuit and take turns while mastering new skills on bars, beam, floor and trampoline. Our preschool classes have a student / instructor ratio of no more than 6:1, and each class lasts 60 minutes.

Girls Gymnastics Classes

Developmental classes specifically designed for ages 6-8 and 9 and up (beginner and advanced) are for girls who want to learn gymnastics skills on floor, beam, bars and vault. Your child will increase strength, coordination and flexibility while experiencing the satisfaction that comes from mastering a new skill.  Each student advances at their own pace.  Our one hour classes are taught in a safe, positive and fun-loving environment with an 8:1 student / instructor ratio.


Boys (and girls who do not want all the skills of the Gymnastics Classes) can enroll in our high energy classes designed for active kids.  Students will develop coordination, strength and agility as they develop tumbling, trampoline, vault and bar skills.  These classes are not only a great outlet for high energy kids, but are a great foundation for any sport. Each class lasts 60 minutes with no more than an 8:1 student / instructor ratio.

We have <6 classes for students 4-6 years old, and >6 class for those 6 and over.

We also have an Advanced Ninja class that lasts for 90 minutes. This class is invitation only.


Beginner and advanced tumbling classes are available for students who desire to focus only on the floor exercises. These classes are ideal for cheerleaders to improve their tumbling skills. Each class lasts 60 minutes with no more than an 8:1 student / instructor ratio.

Parent & Child

Parent & Child is for the parent and child to participate in a structured class.  The parent will be working directly with their child.  It is for children walking through 3 years old and is a 45 minute class.


“Gold” is for gymnasts who want a team-like workout, but without being on a competitive team.  It meets twice a week for two hours each day.


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